Ceramic Coating On BMW X5

Ceramic Coating On BMW X5

Ceramic coatingsCeramic Coating BMW X5 on BMW X5 series cars these days among other german brands seems to be very popular and why not ? If it saves you time and money or car detailing, polishing and waxing, it is one of the best deals for paint protection for cars. As a Sydney car detailing service, ceramic coatings on BMW X5’s

The BMW X5 here was pretty clean in it’s condition so therefore didn’t take too much to make it pop. Paint preparation is critical prior to a ceramic coating or any type of paint protection for cars application.

We used a strong paint clean or mild paint correction pass on this BMW X5 so we can prepare the surface and remove any mild swirl marks or slight imperfections prior to applying a ceramic coating.

This in turn helps promote the strongest possible depth of colour before sealing it in a paint protection coatings. Once the best possible paint enhancement was achieved, then we applied the ceramic coating on this BMW X5 and reflective properties were just increased even more.



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