Being Slow? It’s a Go!

Being Slow? It’s a Go!

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Brandon had always been thought of as “slow.” He talked slowly; he walked slowly; he read slowly and he ate slowly. He was a nine-year-old boy in fourth grade. Many of Brandon’s classmates made fun of him because he could not process information quickly.

“Mom, I don’t mean to be so slow,” he told his Mother. “I know, sweetheart,” she always replied to him. “You remember the story of The Tortoise and the Hare, don’t you?” “Yes. It’s one of my favorite stories because the tortoise reminds me of me.” “That’s right. Being slow and deliberate can have a tremendous advantage. Sweetheart, you’re gonna find something that you really like to do that suits you that other people will value. Mark my word.” “Are you sure, Mom? I’m tired of being thought of as ‘slo-mo.’” “Slo-mo is a no-go. That name will go away sooner than you think.” Brandon began to speak. “Just trust me on this, son,” his Mom interrupted. “Moms know these kinds of things.” “Alright, Mom.”

The next day, Brandon excitedly came home with a flyer about a soapbox derby event to be held at the local park. “Mom!” yelled Brandon. “What’s all the fuss about, honey?” she replied. “You were right!” “About what?” “The thing you said about something I really like to do.” Brandon showed his Mother the flyer. She read aloud, “1st annual soap-box derby. Prizes for the top three cars.” Brandon was too excited to let her finish. “Mom, you know how much I like to build things. Look at all those model cars in my room. I can design one of the cars for the race. Joey could drive it. He’s one of the best athletes in the school. And he’s my best friend.” “Okay. Here’s the deal,” she said seriously. “Dad and I will get you all of the parts you need. The only condition is that you tell no one – not even Joey – about your car-building, okay? The only one I AM gonna tell is Mr. Washington.” “The principal?” “Yes!” “Why, Mom?” “Just trust your Mom. Have I ever steered you wrong before? Pun intended,” Brandon’s Mom giggled. “Mom! Alright.”

Brandon worked tirelessly on the soapbox car while his Dad took many pictures of all the stages from Brandon designing the car to the finished product. Brandon basically did all of the designing and constructing. In spite of Brandon staying up past his bedtime during most of the schoolnights, his Mother was happy that he was doing something that her son loved. After about three to four weeks, Brandon was finished constructing the car.

On race day, Brandon’s friend, Joey, drove the car that Brandon built without knowing that Brandon himself built the car. It was an easy victory for Joey because of the car’s streamlining and precision. The race sponsors announced that Joey and Brandon were the championship team. Joey was not surprised because he knew Brandon’s capabilities. But the other kids were in shock.

“This is the best car in the school,” said one of the kids. “Yeah,” said another kid. “Look at all of the details and the contours. This car was made to be the fastest.” “How could Brandon Tyler have built this car?” asked another. “He couldn’t do anything quickly and finish by the end of the day to save his life.” “He didn’t finish by the end of the day,” interjected Mr. Washington. “It took him several weeks. Being slow and deliberate has its advantages. Could ANY of you have done all of the precision work and detailing of this car without going crazy?” “No,” the boys said in harmony. Mr. Washington had a photo album, which had the photos of all of the stages of Brandon’s car construction taken by his Father. He showed the boys, who were flabbergasted. Brandon’s Mother came up to her son and gave him a big kiss. “Aw, Mom!” said Brandon regretfully. “Never you mind, mister. I earned that kiss. What did your Mother tell you?” “Your Mother’s right, son,” said Brandon’s Dad. “Everyone has talents to offer the world.” “Well alright,” affirmed Mr. Washington. “’The slowest boy in the school’ created the fastest car in the school. How’s that for irony?”

Exercise Fact Or Fiction?

Exercise Fact Or Fiction?

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Did you know that the average life span of men and women is around 80 years? Unfortunately a lot of us feel that age before we get to 50. Some of us, men especially, will go out and buy a fancy car and take extreme care of it. Then when were done detailing the car, we will go and eat a burger and fries and maybe drink a beer to wash it down. The other thing I find amusing is when I go to the gym and find myself fighting to park as close to the building as possible. Here I am paying to exercise and then I refuse to walk more than 20 paces to enter the complex.
These days there are many supplements on the market to loose weight, however what is important to note is, that they do not substitute for exercise. Many of us of course have a busy schedule, and find it hard to fit it in to our busy working days. I heard in the news recently that a vast majority of Americans are having difficulty sleeping. This makes sense since many people do not exercise.
The human body needs to move in order to maintain and increase strength. The heart needs to beat. Oxygen needs to circulate through the body. Aside from anyone’s aspiration to look good, exercise is essential. Lack of exercise leads to premature aging, sagging skin, aches and pains, and much more. These are the external effects; internally you could be dealing with clogged vessels, diabetes, nervous tension, and high blood pressure. The sad part is that these symptoms can set in when it is almost too late. You cannot turn the clock back, and as I have often said regrets can be extremely depressing.
The human body is mind blowing in its complexity and functionality. Take sure simple steps to fit exercise into your day. Simple things just like stretching, breathing, weather permitting a short walk. Yoga is a great way to fit exercise into your work days. Just by breathing or stretching you can help the body. When going to the store, park far away and walk. Do the simple things, do not beat yourself over the head and make it a chore to exercise. Write down the things you like to do that involves exercise, such as hiking, golf, cycling, gardening, swimming, and then do more of that. Vary the fitness routine. Variety promotes interest. When traveling, if in a hotel use there gym, it is free when you stay there. Most Importantly !Start Today!.

Your Essential Guide To Auto Transport & Vehicle Moving

Your Essential Guide To Auto Transport & Vehicle Moving

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Have you ever bought a car in one state and needed shipped just on the other side of the country? Or maybe, have your car sent to your ex-wife, who happens to live in Canada? Or, why not, bought your car on-line, from San Francisco and need it in New York? I’m sure that, if this hasn’t happened yet, it will probably happen sooner or later. So here are a few tips in transporting your car within USA, or between USA and Canada, no matter the distance.


Bearing in mind that the whole process can take quite a while, especially on long distances, schedule your auto shipping at least 4 weeks before you move, giving enough time to arrange for a car mover carrier to pick up your vehicle. Basically, the more advance time the better. If you are not available, you should arrange an alternative authorized party such as neighbor, friend or relative you can trust to transfer the car to the car mover. Most automobile shippers offer door-to-door service.

The cost

When working with a Car Mover, confirm what the total cost of the shipping will be. As you obtain quotes from several car transport and auto shipping companies (some links included lower), be prepared to provide:

·Approximate departure date;
·Type of vehicle(s);
·Type of car transport service desired (e.g. door-to-door car transport vs. terminal-to-terminal);
·Special car mover or auto shipping requests (e.g. deliver at a location other than your home vs. at your home).

Payment method

While some car transport and auto drive-away companies may not require payment in advance, others require a deposit (10-25% of the total cost), or full payment in advance. If a deposit is given, amount due is always required at time of delivery – oftentimes with a cashiers check or cash. Sometimes a surcharge of 2-3% is required when using a credit card with a car transport or auto drive-away company.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration must license auto shippers, transporters with a valid MC# or US DOT#.


The car Transport Company or auto drive-away should insure your vehicle against damage and theft. ASK FOR A COPY OF INSURANCE COVERAGE. Ask if the carrier’s insurance is PRIMARY or SECONDARY to your own insurance in the event of damage during car transport. Also, ask if there is damage deductible – VERIFY ALL IN WRITING. In addition, your own car insurance may cover your vehicle in transit – check with your car insurance company to verify.

Inspect your car before shipping

It is advisable that in addition to receiving a condition report document from your car mover detailing any pre-existing damage to your car, that you take photographs of the car, date the photos, and attach them to the condition report provided by the car mover for your records. You must have a detailed description of the condition of your car prior to shipping. The condition report or other document used by the car mover should include current mileage, pre-existing damage of any type including as glass, scratches, paint, dents, and so on. This report is important in case any disputes arise.

Accepting your vehicle for delivery

At the time of delivery, inspect your vehicle SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY and compare the condition and mileage against the “Original Inspection Report” provided by your car transport company at origination (ALSO INSPECT THE ROOF AND UNDER FRONT AND REAR BUMPERS). If there are inconsistencies, note them as exceptions and be sure the driver signs it. NEVER ACCEPT YOUR VEHICLE AT NIGHT IF YOU CANNOT VERIFY ITS CONDITION – without being viewed and signed by the driver, you have little recourse if damage had occurred during transit.

Unresolved Disputes

Always try to work out your dispute with the car mover or auto shipping company first. They often work on a referral basis and are motivated to working out problems. However, if you feel you have reached a dead end or that you have not been treated reasonably, you have the option of filing complaints with multiple agencies (BBB, State and or Federal Department Of Transportation, Interstate Commerce Commission) as well as seeking legal counsel.

As I hope everything will turn out all right with your delivery, I’m giving a few links to some major auto-transportation companies. There you should find responses that are more comprehensive to your questions and to the money and work involved in shipping your car from one place to another. -A AAAdvantage Auto Transporters (800) 233-4875 -Dependable Auto Shippers (800) 763-4165 -A Florida Direct Auto Transport (888) 432-4708 -B&T Auto Transport (866) 849-3700

How To Get Cheap Automobile Insurance Online In California

How To Get Cheap Automobile Insurance Online In California

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The law in the state of California regarding automobile insurance quotes is beneficial to the consumer. Each insurance company has to provide either a toll-free number for quotes or else have a website where potential customers can use a form to get a no-obligation quote. This means that a motorist in California can effortlessly contact many different insurance companies to get an idea of what they would charge for insurance.

The Internet is really becoming the preferred method of getting quotes for automobile insurance. California residents can visit the sites of different insurers at their leisure in their pursuit of the cheapest insurance. They supply their personal and pertinent information and within moments they have a quote.

It’s important to note that even though the quote that is supplied gives the consumer an idea of what they would be facing in automobile insurance premiums, there is still room for negotiation with the insurance companies. The reason is that almost every automobile insurance company in California offers discounts to their clients.

The discounts vary and include a reduction in premiums for defensive driving and driver’s training courses. A percentage discount is often offered if the insured drives below a prescribed number of miles per year and also you can often save money if you have a car safety system installed such as a car alarm.

When looking for prices online, be certain to indicate, if available, which discounts you believe you qualify for. Also visit the website of your current health or life insurance company, and see if they happen to offer automobile insurance. Many companies that offer a range of insurance products will offer a sizable discount to their clients who purchase more than one type of policy from them. If possible, you should purchase all your insurance products from one company to ensure you will enjoy the largest discount possible.

Although many people feel comfortable driving with the minimum amounts of car insurance required by law in California, that’s not the case with all drivers. For someone looking for a full coverage car insurance quote in California they need to first be aware of what type of policy will best suit their current needs. The answer will be dependent on both their past driving history as well as the vehicle they are driving now.

If you’ve had a challenging driving past that’s included several collisions that were your fault as well as speeding tickets you should expect to pay more for full coverage car insurance. You must be forthright when detailing your driving history as every insurance company in the state of California will access your driving record through a Motor Vehicle Report. If it shows you were less than candid on your application it may mean you won’t be offered coverage.

Individuals who drive a newer vehicle should have physical damage coverage. This comes in the form of collision and comprehensive coverage and offers complete protection should your vehicle be damaged. The coverage typically extends beyond just damage that is the result of a collision, but also vandalism, theft and even flooding.

Uninsured motorists are unfortunately a fact of life everywhere, including California. Although coverage against uninsured motorists is optional, it should be included when you are looking for a full coverage car insurance quote. Specify that you want this coverage so the agent you are dealing with will include it for you.

Many people add extras onto their vehicles including stereo systems or DVD players. If you have done this, ask about a rider that will cover the cost of having those replaced should they be stolen or damaged. This will likely raise the cost of your car insurance quote, but it’s best to be fully protected.

Organizing the Club Meetings

Organizing the Club Meetings

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The task of organizing and scheduling a meeting can seem like a huge hassle but they are part of the normal routine for a car club president. The exact matters that are discussed at each meeting can vary, but having a good idea of what you are going to talk about can help make the process go as smoothly as possible. Ensure that you plan your meetings ahead as much as possible so that they go also go as smoothly as possible.

One of the main issues that clubs talk about is a quick reading of the minutes from the previous meeting. This is generally done by the Secretary for the club; however, there are times when someone else is given that job instead. Additionally, someone is responsible for taking a roll call to see who is attending the meetings and who is not. These records are generally kept for at least a year in the event that they are necessary so it is important to ensure that this is done properly.

Other issues that are raised during meetings are often talks and plans about events and activities that are in the near future. For example, most people tend to start planning and organizing car shows, and even races at least two months in advance. This means that issues are usually discussed at meetings at least a month before this time so members can all discuss potential plans and decide who will be doing what for the event.

Additional matters can include any charity runs that are coming up, or any other events that the club is planning to participate in that are not directly hosted by the club. For example, if the club always attends a car show that is sponsored by another car club this would be discussed at a meeting held before the show so that everyone can ask questions and all details can be clearly communicated to the members.

During the time of year when the club has elected to hold elections it is very important to ensure that time is scheduled for the nomination process as well as the election process. Without the time scheduled for this it is often quite easy to overlook and this can leave the club scrambling to schedule emergency meetings to ensure that elections are properly handled.

Another important issue at many meetings is the various news items that arise, such as talking about car shows, races and even sales that are going on that can be of great interest to members. For example, if a detailing shop was running a huge special right before a car show it would be worth mentioning to members for those who did not have time to detail their vehicle themselves.

Most clubs also reserve a bit of time during each meeting for the club treasurer to discuss the finances of the club. This allows the club members to all be fully aware of what the money paid in dues goes for, and ensure that funds are being properly managed. This serves primarily as a system of checks and balances to make most people feel much better, as well as ensure that the treasurer is properly handling the money.

Most clubs are able to handle all of their business in approximately an hour once a month or so. There are some clubs that meet much more often, but the majority are able to wrap business up pretty quickly so that everyone can move along with other plans. With a well organized meeting agenda it is possible to speed the meeting greatly and still cover all of the essentials.

Raffles, Drawings and Other Contests for Car Clubs

Raffles, Drawings and Other Contests for Car Clubs

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If you are trying to decide what your club should possibly offer as a raffle prize there are several things that you should consider but of course, finding prizes that are car related are always best. Some of the most popular options are also highly affordable as well, especially if you take the time to call around and see if you can obtain any donations for the raffle that you are conducting. Just be careful to ensure that you treat businesses right to get repeat prizes in the future.

Look to cat detailing and body shops for some gift certificates. Most people with great classic cars are ever really satisfied with the appearance. This leaves it quite necessary to usually continuously redo some work of some sort. A small gift certificate may not go far, but it can be a huge help if someone is close to finishing the work on their car. Plus, many shops will work out a deal where you can purchase the gift certificate for at least a reduced price if not donate it entirely.

Auto parts stores are another great idea for raffles. Most people need auto parts at some point even if it is something that is basic like oil and spark plugs for normal maintenance. Providing members with prizes that allow them to pick up the auto parts of their choice can be a sure way to win over members.

Car seats are sometimes uncomfortable or even neglected in the quest to make the outside of the car look gorgeous. Consider seeking out either seat covers, or an upholstery shop for a prize. This would allow members to have some work done on the inside of their car without having the save up them money to afford it themselves.

Additionally, look to some restaurants to donate some gift certificates for free food. These are usually quite easy to arrange and almost always are free to get, just talk to the manager at the store and you are generally able to obtain 2-3 complete meals quite easily. Similar arrangements can usually be worked out for movie theaters as well. This can help you to arrange an entire date night to give away to members.

If you happen to have a really large budget, you could arrange for a small mini weekend vacation somewhere. If you are really good at talking to people you might be able to get some free gas cards to pay for the gas if the destination is close by, as well as a free or at least reduced priced hotel room as well. Talk to the managers around the destination area and you may be even able to snag some free tickets to events and attractions in the area.

As you can see, raffles and contests do not always have to have t-shirts and hats as prizes. While some people really are thrilled to win a shirt, having a few big prizes, especially when they are discounted make a great option for helping to boost the sales of the tickets, or encourage members to attend meetings if you are always giving away great prizes to those who show up. Just remember, be very nice to businesses that donate prizes so that they are likely to work with you again in the future.

Car Donation Benefits

Car Donation Benefits

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Why are car donations a good idea? As a car owner, there comes a point when you realize that your automobile is on its last legs. Assuming you have the next automobile in your sights and/or possession, what can you do with your clunker? If it’s a heap and needs extensive work, there’s no point in giving your wallet a beating. Why pay a thousand dollars in repairs if the car is only worth a few hundred? Who is to say it won’t break down again shortly thereafter, costing you even more? If the motor runs and the wheels aren’t rolling off, a lucky younger relative in need of a handout could take it as a present. Or you could spend money advertising it for sale, yet receive a pittance. Making a car donation is a smart option.
Whether a convertible, a bus, a pickup or a junker, a non-profit charity will gladly take your vehicle. It does not even have to be a running vehicle to donate it. It is a tax write off and you’re able to claim more for making a contribution than what you would get selling it. The assistance you give to the charity of your choice by making a car donation gives a feeling of satisfaction.
Making a gift of a car donation is simple. The hardest part is figuring out which deserving charity gets your help, and that’s not a bad task at all. You can choose from large national organization that you are familiar with such as the United Way, American Lung Association, The Red Cross, The Boy Scouts or the Salvation Army. Or you can choose something local that will aid your community exclusively. Church groups, schools and local hospitals are all places to check.
Most places will come to you for a pickup within all 50 U.S. States. The company will come with a tow truck to where your vehicle is at your convenience. It can be towed anytime during the week that you have time, usually within the week and some organizations can do rush pickup within a day or two. You do not have to pay anything for them to come and take it. If your vehicle is worth less than $500 they’ll give you a receipt quickly. If it is worth more, it will take longer to get your receipt. Once you have the receipt detailing your gift of a car donation, hold it until tax time to be itemized. You most likely have a general idea of what your automobile is worth. Kelley Blue Book will also aid you in assessing the value of your gift.
Depending on the organization, up to 100% of all money made from your car donation will go to that charity. How many times have you given a handout to a bell-ringer or put a contribution into a jar and felt a little guilty? Have you wished it could be more? There may never be the “perfect time” to pull out $500 or more to give to a charity organization you believe in. Donating your automobile gives you that perfect time and the relief of not having to do anything more than make a call.

Car Buying Tips For eBay Motors

Car Buying Tips For eBay Motors

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There are a lot of perks associated with car shopping online with eBay Motors, including the buyer being able to set the price.
In addition, automobile insurance is more affordable on used cars and, with an auction, the buyer pays in full and there is no hassle of a monthly payment. If you do plan to shop for your next car on eBay Motors, take a moment to consider the following tips to help get you started on the road to car shopping success.

First and foremost, check with your car insurance company before deciding to purchase a specific car on eBay Motors or anywhere else. If the cost of car insurance is a major deciding factor, then you will want to be clear about the costs before you commit to purchasing. In addition, it may be helpful to know that SUVs carry a higher insurance cost than that of a car. With that being said, the cost of insurance will be less on a used car than if that same model were purchased new.

Request a CarFax report from the seller and, if they do not have one, request the VIN number so that you may obtain a copy directly. This report is something that every potential car owner needs to have. Why? Because it contains the number of previous owners that a particular car has had, information regarding whether or not the car has ever been involved in a flood or other accident and whether or not the title is clear. There is also more information detailing a car’s history included, which is why no automobile should ever be purchased without a CarFax report.

Before deciding that your car of choice is the deal of a lifetime, take a moment to research it’s value according to Kelly Blue Book. This company is one of the most respected in the industry and instantly provides new or used car values directly from their website. After entering specific information relating to a car, individuals will receive an instant value assessment according to the information provided. This tool will help all potential car owners to find out whether or not a deal is too good to be true or just not too good at all.

Take a moment to consider the car’s fuel mileage. With gasoline prices what they are, it is important to think about how many miles you will get from one gallon of gasoline. The more mileage you have per gallon, the less you will end up spending in gasoline. This is definitely something to think about!

When shopping for cars on eBay Motors, take special notice of the mileage. This is a good indication of how much life the car has left in it or whether you are buying a car that has seen it’s best days. A great number of cars on eBay Motors have very low mileage, but others are well over 100,000.

As a final thought to shopping for cars on eBay Motors, take a moment to make sure that the car you ultimately select is one that will best fit your lifestyle. If you have a large family, for instance, a compact car probably isn’t the best choice. You will need additional space to make sure that everyone is comfortable and to make it ideal for long road trips. At the same time, a single person may be more than happy in a smaller car because of the simple fact that they use much less gasoline than an SUV or similar automobile. When shopping for cars, either new or used, it’s all about lifestyle and which one best fits yours.

Vintage Car Models: A Collectors Dream

Vintage Car Models: A Collectors Dream

You may not be able to realize a dream of having a fleet of fully restored vintage cars, but you can be able to have the next best thing, a collection of vintage car models. As a vintage car enthusiast, hobbyists would most likely want to have a collection of their own, and if possible, this would be a collection of real vintage cars. But not all of us have buildings named after us, nor do we have a software empire that can finance such a huge enterprise, so having vintage car models would be closer to the real thing.

Having a collection of vintage car models will allow you to appreciate more your passion for vintage cars. This is because you will be able to treasure them and show them off and at the same time, learn more about them along the way. They are also great as decorations to a home. You have to understand though that because they are only models, it doesn’t mean that they don’t cost much.

In fact, some vintage car models are also vintages on their own right. Some are from the same era as the cars they are replicating and can command a considerable amount of money. If they are in an exceptional state or in mint condition, these models can cost thousands of dollars. With that price, you wouldn’t think of them as mere toys.

Many of these vintage car models are made from die cast metal. Plastic models were unheard of in those days and even know, if a model is in limited edition, they are generally made from metal to allow them to last longer. This way, they can be worth something in the future. Also, the price of the model is not just based on how old it is and how good the condition it is in. Another consideration would be the design and the detailing of the model.

There are vintage car models that are highly detailed and have different movable parts attached together. Since they are small, they can be hard to build and has to be manually produced. These details provide an intricate authenticity to the model and they are scaled exactly to the proportions of the car so you can have a general idea of what they really look like in their true to life size. The more detailed the model is, the higher the price it can command.

Usually, vintage car models can be found in hobby stores and collectible stores. If you don’t have one in your area, you may have a hard time making your collection grow. This is the old fashioned way of looking for vintage car models. So that you can specifically find a particular vintage car model, all you need to do is log on to the internet and find the numerous collectibles and hobby retail websites. There you will be able to get good deals and discounts and be also able to find exactly what you want.

Auction sites are good sources for these collectibles. Usually, there are collectors who sell their vintage car models as well. You can do a thorough search for the different vintage car models and you don’t even have to leave your home or office. Better yet, join clubs and forum on the internet and be always informed.

Quick and Easy Detailing Tips for Car Shows

Quick and Easy Detailing Tips for Car Shows

Ensuring that your car is in tip top shape before the judge’s come around is sometimes a stressful task but with some quick and easy tips, you can ensure that your car is looking forever gorgeous for the judges no matter how many people have had their hands on it.
Remember, you need to ensure that your car was thoroughly detail cleaned before the show to make it the easiest possible.

Check those windows; they are so quick to get dirty if there are many people around. Just breathing in the wrong weather can leave your windows with streaks or other bad marks that can pull down the overall appearance of your car. Always ensure you keep some soft cloths and good window cleaner in the car. This will ensure that those windows are sparkling when the judges roll around. Remember, clean windows set a good overall impression for the vehicle.

Spot shine the chrome on the car. This is a place where you usually start seeing smudges pretty quickly. A cloth and some good chrome cleaner will ensure that your chrome stays as shiny as possible. You should easily be able to see your reflection in it, and ensure that there is no rust on the chrome either. This is a small detail that can make a huge impression. If you ignore the smaller details, they will likely think you ignore the large ones as well.

Tires are another critical area, you may not realize it but tons of mud caked up in the wheel well and on your tires themselves can give your car a bad look. Clean those tires as soon as you park at the show to ensure that they are perfect looking. This will generally only need to be done once, which if done immediately upon arriving frees your time for other tasks.

Avoid eating in the car before the show, and especially during the show. Eating in general tends to leave some tiny crumbs all around the house and is a huge pain in the butt and hassle. Keep the food out of the car and you will not have to worry about crumbs or food stains giving your car a bad impression. Once again, it is the small details that can make a huge impression on the judges.

You may also want to take a few brief moments upon arriving and quickly touch up any dull spots in the wax. This will help to ensure that the entire car is well waxed and shiny. You may also want to pull out a small portable vacuum and spot clean the upholstery just to ensure that there is no dirt or debris anywhere. A good car will make a marvelous impression and just following these tiny steps will put your car at the top of the list.

Additionally, avoid the temptation to load up the trunk with lots of stuff. Regardless of whether it is trinkets or tools you should never load up your trunk at the car show when you are showing. The judges may want to see how your trunk looks, and if it is full of stuff, they will not be able to get a good look at the condition. Keep it clean and items in the trunk to a bare minimum to ensure the best results possible once the judges get to you.