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Many detailing professionals may know what paint correction is in the car detailing industry but to most customers paint correction is never really heard of. To a customers understanding, paint correction is otherwise know as a" cut and polish " Little do customers realize however that there is a lot more involved in the words cut and polish. Car detailing as explained on our other page explains in simple terms what detailing is. However, correction is not detailing.

This process is tedious in nature, requires know how and expertise in restoring car paint. This is a systematic approach in eradicating paint defects permanently from paint surfaces such as webbing, paint scratches, blemishes, bird dropping etchings, and other natural fall out issues using clay bars, measuring car paint thicknesses and using a combination of car polishing products and buffing pads together with a combination of power buffer



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This is indeed very hard work and a Pro in this niche market will tell you that. The average paint correction job can absorb anywhere for 6 hours to a week depending on what is required.


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Although these are far more expensive exercises to attend to, the end results are usually mind blowing and are a permanent fix until the customer chooses to eventually destroy it using coffee car washes because they suddenly got lazy. As stated earlier there is no detailing duties here. This focuses purely on car paint. Dr Buff carries out paint correction services should your vehicle require it to a professional finish that drops jaws. If you would like to talk further on this subject please don’t hesitate to






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