RC Car Painting

RC Car Painting

Ferrari F430
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RC car painting is typically done using one of two methods: spray cans or an airbrush.
Needless to say your skill level will be the ultimate determining factor since most people just aren’t that familiar with the intricacies of airbrushing. Both methods have their particular idiosyncratic advantages and disadvantages, however.

RC car painting via spray cans is the choice of many not only because they either don’t have access to an airbrush or know how to use one, but also because it can be done quickly. A huge amount of space can be covered relatively quickly with a spray can. But RC car painting isn’t the same thing as changing the color of a flag pole.

You want to be proud of that car and make it look as good as it runs. Although personalizing and detailing can usually done much better by airbrush, if you take your time and plan ahead, your spray can RC car painting can wind up looking quite impressive.

Of course, RC car painting with an airbrush is ultimately what you should aim for. The benefits of using an airbrush is that you have access to so many more colors than you can get from using spray cans. And that’s saying a lot, because even if you do choose to use spray cans, you’ll still have over fifty different colors from to pick. But when RC car painting with an airbrush, you can exponentially expand those choices through mixing and blending.

In addition to more flexible use of coloring, airbrushing also affords more control in application. Unlike spray cans, an airbrush can be adjusted, allowing you to spray the paint as thickly or thinly as you like.

The downside to using an airbrush, besides your own level of artistic ability, is cost. For RC car painting with an airbrush you’ll need a compressor. You can try using canned air to begin with, but you’ll quickly find yourself spending more money than you planned on saving because they empty pretty quickly. Better to shell out for an actual compressor, preferably one that produces 25 to 70 psi. By pass the 1/8 HP hobby compressors and go for the ½ HP. Since most RC car painting is now done with next generation water-based paints, also make sure the compressor comes with a moisture trap; if it doesn’t, you’ll quickly find car covered in thick gobs of paint.

RC car painting with an airbrush requires not just air, obviously, but brushes. Ideally, you will want to own more than one brush, but since they can be pricy—the good ones anyway—you may just want to start off with one. The reason for owing two is pretty obvious. RC car painting at its finest creates a work of art that combines both thick lines and fine lines, therefore you want a brush for both thicknesses.

In addition, the paint itself comes in various thickness and some of the finer brushes just handle the thicker paints at the psi the compressor puts out. RC car painting with an airbrush obviously requires more effort, time and expense than RC car painting with spray cans, but the end result usually shows.

Sports Memorabilia Collectors

Sports Memorabilia Collectors

Devoted fans have been known to donate whole rooms of their homes to items they’ve collected in connection with sports figures.
These people will spend years searching, investing, and perfecting the displays of precious sports memorabilia.
Anyone who knows a serious sports collector knows that even a tiny fingerprint on a valuable piece could bring a gasp of disapproval from the owner. They can truly possess an obsessive protection of their belongings. To disrespect their passion is to insult them. Something broken, chipped, or smudged can spell disaster.

There are some unusual sports events that prompt people to become collectors of sports memorabilia. Archery, badminton, canoeing, equestrian sports, judo, aerobatics, rowing, shooting, table tennis, and yachting are names of a few.

Archery would prompt a person to collect things like bows, arrows, targets, photos of their favorite archers, or score cards. One famous archer is Justin Huish, who won two gold medals at the 1996 Olympics.

The auto racing industry has a huge fan base allowing for an immense amount of sports memorabilia. Hawthorne Village created a train called ‘Dale Earnhardt Intimidator Express’. It’s a relatively new creation and costs around $80. Motorsports artist Sam Bass placed paint schemes of Dale’s cars and his signature logo on each car.
There are collectibles that don’t need a signature to be valuable.

Instant conversation can be obtained through the subject of sports memorabilia. Most collectors are happy to share what they’ve gained, how they got it, the story that goes along with it. It gives them a few minutes of their own glory and admiration just by their association with the sought after items they may own.

Sometimes a rare piece of memorabilia can be discovered at a garage sale. This brings a thrill to the avid collector. Maybe its part of an estate sale of an uncle who never told about his special treasures, passed them onto a relative who had no interest in sports, and were thrown into the sale as silly old junk. This can seem like gold to someone who recognizes its worth.

Some people even treasure what they wore to an event themselves as part of their sports memorabilia collection. They may keep the tickets to the event, their menu of the day or night, and so on.

In many ways, sports figures enjoy the same fame as actors and actresses of Hollywood. They may suffer the same privacy issues, the same stalking fears, the same crazed fans grabbing for any piece of their clothing. Even a used package from the peanuts on an airplane flight can’t escape if a famous sports figure ate from it. An unscrupulous care giver may also try to capitalize on someone’s fame. Dentals have access to dental impressions and x-rays, housekeepers have access to private belongings, gardeners have access to the tools and flowers. Even the belongings of their children aren’t safe from scrutiny. Care has to be taken with disposal of their belongings. Their trash is even subject for collecting!

Guides For Perfect Car Dealerships

Guides For Perfect Car Dealerships

GMC Acadia Denali
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Have you considered buying a used car?
There are fair and not-so-fair deals lurking around but for most of us, we are not just looking for something fair, we are looking for something great!

The Internet will equip you with valuable details about unbiased car reviews and ratings, including price ratings, specifications and reasonable, yet honest, reviews, including photos of used cars.

Comparison shops furnish and maintain databases as well where they keep price listings for used cars with their respective merchandisers across the net.

Private Seller Listings: Great Deals for Real

Great deals may not always turn out great in some circumstances. Unwise selection and choice of car dealers could lead you to wasting your money.

In fact in 2004 alone, it was recorded that half of those who bought their own cars in the US have considered purchasing used cars rather than brand new ones. A great deal of the population is becoming more and more open to buying used cars due to their maintenance flexibility and overall cost.

This information should give you more reason to research on which car dealerships are offering the most sought after secondhand cars on the net.

While used cars are getting more popular today it is practical and wise to look for specs which includes conditioning requirements, vehicle history and real pricing report and comprehensive range of values for used cars and possible trade-ins and leasing.

Look for Reviews

A good car dealership offers accurate and honest advice and reviews for prospective car buyers. Reviews provide clients with information regarding the nature of the product and its relative condition.

Others even provide true-cost-to-own values in order to better prepare you for the cost of the transaction. Many even dispense alluring incentives and rebates for sale buyers and those who opt for deduction on certain payment methods for easy money transactions.

The majority of dealer networks across the internet provide search listings to better approximate your location and needs. Search listings would provide you a roster detailing the latest used car models on sale together with their descriptions, vehicle condition, history reports and cosmetic essentials and requirements.

Although most accept trade-ins, some assess additional charges for appraisal, and the value-assessment might fall lower than you expected. Used cars may range from $15,000 + to $30,000 + for a good one. Some would even drop below $20,000 but requires a considerable amount of reconditioning.

Giving Your Car to Charity – The New Tax Rules

Giving Your Car to Charity – The New Tax Rules

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The IRS has changed the regulations on donating vehicles to charities.
If you donated a car last year, you need to read the following to understand the new rules.

Giving Your Car to Charity – The New Tax Rules

Millions of people donate cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles and many other forms of transportation to charities each year. While doing a good thing is one motivation, reaping a sizeable tax deduction is also a motivating factor. Unfortunately, the IRS has concluded that more than a few people were deduction very optimistic values for their cars. Instead of auditing everyone, the IRS simply changed the deduction rules for vehicle contributions to charity.

If you donated a vehicle of any sort to a qualified charity, but claimed less than $500 as a deduction, you can stop reading. The rule changes don’t apply to such situations. If you are claiming a deduction in excess of this amount, read on.

The new IRS regulations are pretty simple to understand. If you donated a vehicle to a qualified charitable organization, the amount you can deduct is the exact dollar value the charity receives when it resells the vehicle. Put another way, you can no longer claim the blue book value of the car. The IRS wants to know what it was really worth, not what it would be worth if you hypothetically repainted it, got new tires, rebuilt the engine and so on.

Charitable organizations are more than aware of the new regulations and they will more or less take care of everything for you. To donate a car, you simply arrange for delivery to the charity. The charity will then resell the car at some point in time. The organization will then will send you correspondence detailing the gross proceeds from the sale of the vehicle.

This correspondence should, but is not required to, come to you as Form 1098-C. Yes, another form. Simply take the deduction for the gross proceeds on Schedule A and attach the Form 1098-C to your tax return. If the charity sends you a written letter, attach that to your tax return.

While the above may sound overly burdensome, it really isn’t.

Ask any motorcycle enthusiast, and he or she will tell you the favorite part of this preoccupation: freedom

Ask any motorcycle enthusiast, and he or she will tell you the favorite part of this preoccupation: freedom

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 60 Years
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The difference between a leather motorcycle jacket and a denim one is quite simple: comfort and style. A denim jacket may cause chafing around the wrists and neck and does not provide adequate protection from the environment.

Windbreakers won’t do, as they’re thin and flimsy, and don’t stand up to wind at speed. Besides, as a fashion statement, they’re contradictory to the rugged nature of a biker. The leather motorcycle jacket provides comfort, style and protection.

Since you’re right out there in nature an not in the enclosure of a car’s protection, wind becomes suddenly important. Without a leather motorcycle jacket, you can be quite cold in a matter of minutes. There’s also the bug factor. A big juicy bug making sudden contact with your unprotected chest can actually leave a bruise, while the littler critters simply hurt. Bees can spell trouble for those allergic persons. You can see that a leather motorcycle jacket will increase your enjoyment of this sport.

Like a second skin, this apparel provides protection from rain, wind, cold, and wayward insects. The leather motorcycle jacket can be plain, without detailing, emblems or other decorations, such as those featured in the film “Grease”. Other tastes may run to more ornate designs, jackets with fringe detailing, club logos and numerous other embellishments.

Some jackets are reminiscent of the old west, with long black tassels angling off the sleeves, reflecting the cowboy, independent image of some motorcyclists.

Other people may like the classic Marlon Brando or Grease style of simplicity. These jackets have no ornamentation, made of smooth black leather of high quality and give a rich and sophisticated look.

Yet others prefer the grungy, look of a coarser grain leather, the rough worn look in leather motorcycle jacket fashion. These are quite distinct, in that they have been purposely aged. They’re characterized by deep creases and wrinkles, signifying the riders’ long affinity and experience in his sport.

So the leather motorcycle jacket is utilitarian, yet attractive wear. Protecting the skin from unsuspecting bugs, rushing air, stinging cold, and heavy rain, the jacket is a good friend of the motorcyclist. When he’s old enough to look back on his biking days, his leather motorcycle jacket is sure to be prominent in his memories.

Determining The Price Of Your Car

Determining The Price Of Your Car

Mercedes E350
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So you’ve chosen the car of your dreams, you’ve asked around all over the Internet for the best price, and you’ve made a long list of options and accessories for your new ride, complete with a fuzzy pair of dice.

Before you can drive your new car home however, there are some things to consider with regards to how much you will pay and what you will be getting for your money.

You’re first step is to decide how much you are willing to pay and how flexible you are with this chosen price point. You won’t want to pay several thousand dollars more than the sum you initially decided on obviously, but it is reasonable to expect that the actual price will be slightly off from your initial estimate or even the actual price quoted to you. This could be because of miscellaneous costs or service charges, which may only come to your attention when you receive the final invoice or bill of sale. Of course, you will want to be on the lookout for unscrupulous car merchants who may sneakily tack on some hidden charges but generally these add-on charges are reasonable and are there for a valid and legitimate reason.

The next thing to do is ask your dealer if they offer any incentives or rebates on the sale. The car sales business is a huge industry with plenty of competition so most dealers will probably have a few incentives to help sweeten the deal for any potential buyers. These sales offers could easily end up saving you hundreds of dollars off the purchase price of your new automobile.

A common incentive that car dealers offer is low-interest financing programs that will lighten your monthly car payments. Keep in mind though that as car prices vary from dealer to dealer, from region to region, so do the enticement packages; not all will offer equal value to their potential buyers so don’t expect to get the same freebies everywhere you go. Also you generally will need to have an excellent credit standing before you can qualify for low-interest financing.

Finally determine the rates for your monthly car payments (many online car dealers have rate calculators to help you determine this) and ask your car dealer for the final worksheet detailing all pertinent fees, including taxes and registration fees and don’t forget to apply any offered incentives to the final price.

Finding The Perfect Car

Finding The Perfect Car

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When you have made a solid decision about which type of car will best fit your needs, it is time to zero in on the details. You will have to decide on specifics like, make, model, color, options and more.

Of course we all would like to own a car that we have chosen every last bit of detail for, be it an unusual paint job or something as practical as an ABS system.

However the more leeway you are willing to give on your preferences, the better your chances are of making a great deal on your car purchase. There’s no need to sacrifice any options that are absolutely necessary to ensure your safety and comfort while on the road, but if you are willing to be flexible as to what color and accessories are included in the package, you may just find a more reasonable deal and certainly more options to choose from. This will give you more leverage when it comes time to bargain for the final price of the automobile.

Let’s put it this way: say you have very strict requirements about your chosen car’s paintjob and rims. Or perhaps you just have to have that expensive and esoteric car stereo system. What are the chances that your car dealer has a car on stock with those exact same specifications? Fairly slim actually and if they do have what you want in stock, chances are you will have no other choice but to pay the price the dealer is asking for. Either that or find another car dealer who does carry your chosen model in stock but is willing to lower the price.

Of course if you do find the model you want with the specifications you want, you wouldn’t want the dealer to know that so you can proceed with the negotiation as if you were just not that particular about the little details.

You may want to call several car dealerships in your area and ask about your chosen car model. This will give you an idea how much of them are available so you can then plan your bargaining strategy accordingly. Keep track of the results you gather from your inquiries; make notes detailing the name and contact information of the dealer and what line of cars they carry. This will help you get a clearer picture of all the options available to you when you make your final decision.

An Engine Problem Destroyed My Sailing Holiday. What Shall I Do?

An Engine Problem Destroyed My Sailing Holiday. What Shall I Do?

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Nobody likes to run into problems whilst on holiday, but the very nature of a yacht charter holiday does demand that you have to cope with the sea – which is always unpredictable (hence “sea” being of the feminine gender) – and a vessel, which consists of thousands of parts and bits of equipment, (electrics, electronics, mechanical items, sails, etc) all of which should work together, and in unison. You can ignore all the promises that nothing will go wrong – it might just do that.
Add to that the fact that you have chosen an idyllic setting for your holiday – “away from it all” – for example the Ionian Islands in Greece (the Caribbean, Turkey, or any other exotic location would be similar), where you can not expect the natives to be as trained and proficient as those in the Hamble. A recent TV commercial for a Jamaican rum shows the very situation.
Let us look at an example – how you should react – how you should carry out the necessary damage limitation steps – and tips as to how you can smooth out the resulting aggravation.
Let’s say you have chartered a yacht in the Ionian Sea, in Greece, for a week. Everything starts off well – until the morning of Day 3, when you are in Ithaca and THE ENGINE WILL NOT START. After a few vain attempts at sourcing the cause of the malfunction you call the contact number given to you for such eventualities, and a polite individual listens to your problem and says; “Don’t worry, Mr Jones, somebody will come very soon and look at your engine”. What they will, or should, do is to contact their man on the spot. Soon Vangelis arrives, spends a couple of hours with his head buried in the engine compartment, covers all your saloon cushions with oil and grease, and emerges triumphantly holding the fuel pump which he says is the cause of the problem. He states that he will take the pump back to his workshop and repair it.
“How long this repair will take, Vangelis?” You ask.
“Hmm, about a couple of hours” is his reply.
Away he goes, with your pump, and as it is already noon on Day 3 of your holiday, you decide to go and have lunch and then wait for the return of Vangelis.
But, there is no sign of Vangelis, or your pump, and much later, as the sun is going down Vangelis’s assistant arrives with the wonderful news that your pump can not be repaired on Ithaca and that it has to go, by ferry, to Patras, where there is a pump specialist, and that it will be returned the next day on the ferry. Whilst this part of the saga is unfolding your blood pressure has gone sky-high. You have also made three more phone calls to the local contact and two back to the UK to your yacht charter agency, with whom you booked the charter in the first place.
WHAT YOU DID NOT KNOW was that Vangelis failed to tell you that – since it was noon, he would first have to go for his lunch, then his siesta, then his cup of coffee THEN he would have a look at the pump. For him, this is normal behaviour as working in siesta time is “out of the question” in a place like Ithaca. After all, you asked him how long it would take to repair the pump – NOT when he would come back. He didn’t lie – it took him the forecast two hours to find out that he couldn’t fix your pump.
So, here you are, on the morning of Day4 of your holiday, with a vessel broken down, waiting for Vangelis to arrive. Imagine the state of your blood pressure when noon arrives and no sign of Vangelis. It is not until late that afternoon that a smiling local arrives and invites you to come and join the local Saint’s Day celebrations. To work during siesta time is against local customs BUT to work on the local Saint’s Day is a crime against humanity. Not only does Vangelis not work on a Saint’s Day but he does not think it appropriate to inform “infidels” of the simple facts of life. For him it is a day to celebrate and anyone who doesn’t realise that should be dead.
You have, by now, made another ten phone calls to your yacht charter agent and to the local contact, as has the charter agency BUT Vangelis doesn’t answer the phone on a Saint’s Day. The only thing you can do is to grin and bear it and join in the festivities. Taking more blood pressure pills or blowing up the village square will not enamour you to the locals, or get your boat fixed – it won’t help you a lot, either.
Now it is the morning of Day 5. Still the yacht is not functioning and nobody has turned up. Now is the time to start believing in “God’s Will”. At around 11 o’clock a smiling Vangelis arrives with your pump – fully functional. He sets to work probably realising that the look in your eye is not indicative of your good temper and feelings towards him. Thus, after an unusually reasonable period of time, with the saloon cushions sporting another layer of grease and oil, with engine testing and cleaning carried out, your boat is READY. However, it is now 5 p.m and too late to set sail for your next port of call, so your departure has to be put off until tomorrow morning.
The morning of Day 6 dawns – and you are ready to sail, BUT a minor detail now crosses your mind – the only destination open to you is back to your original departure Port or Marina as you only had a week’s holiday, your flight home departs tomorrow morning early, and you need to be back in that port that evening ! !
What an we learn from this story? However reputable the yacht owner/agency, however new the yacht and its equipment, however well maintained, however careful you may be – this sort of thing can happen to anyone, anywhere. Just change the names and places and a similar problem can arise. Don’t forget also that you can be gale-bound in harbour for days on end.
Can you protect yourself against such a happening, and what should you do when it arises?
The answer to the first question is NO, and the suggested reaction to the second is: – relax (difficult though this may at first seem); be patient; try to understand the elements of human nature which will be displayed by all around you – your crew and the “outsiders”.
You could react like the skipper in our story and make endless irate phone calls to everyone you can think of or, as we suggest, you can accept the facts as they are – the problem has arisen.
Try and make the best of a bad job. Explore the locale where you are “marooned”. Make short trips by water-taxi, taxi, hire-car, on foot or by local ferries and keep your crew amused and remaining in holiday mood, i.e. shopping, sightseeing, swimming, enjoying special lunches and dinners, etc.
Remember, you will certainly be compensated by your charter agent/owner for the lost sailing days, provided you take a few simple steps to ensure that your claim will be met.
Contact your charter company immediately, PREFERABLY IN WRITING, if it is at all possible, e.g. by fax or e-mail, and inform them of what has happened and that you will contact them again. Give them a telephone or fax number where you can be contacted.
NEVER LEAVE THE VESSEL UNATTENDED OR OUT OF SIGHT – Vangelis would love you to give him an excuse or “cover story” for not having come back to the boat when promised.
Be understanding of Vangelis’s problems – he will do his best if you are polite and patient. Tip his assistant – that will work wonders.
When all is well again and the boat is repaired – contact your agent again, by fax or e-mail preferably, tell him that all is well and tell him that a FORMAL CLAIM for compensation for loss of holiday will be forthcoming.
When you finally return home make the formal claim, in writing, detailing the minutes details of the saga as it unfolded – what happened, the actions you took, the reactions of the local agent and his employed contacts.
Make sure you have all the paperwork involved, especially the contract documents- do not leave them on the boat! A sensible thing to have done would have been to look back in the Ship’s Log Book (if there is any), to see if previous charterers had run into similar problems.
If an accident was part of the cause of the problem make sure that other people who may have been involved are brought into the act, and statements are taken for witnesses.
We can not really advise you as to whether, or not, you will accept any offered compensation – whether it be cash or substitute holidays – THAT CHOICE IS YOURS. Only you know how you and your crew felt about the happenings, whether you made the best of a bad job at the time, whether everyone did their best to mitigate your losses and disappointments, and whether the offered compensation is adequate.
Whether you accept cash or a replacement holiday will probably depend on how much holiday time you and your crew have left.
Alexander M. Vournas

Auto Transport Companies Provide Consumers Better Options

Auto Transport Companies Provide Consumers Better Options

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Just as there are companies that specialize in moving the contents of one’s home from point A to point B, across town or across the country, there are also companies who specialize in moving motor vehicles in the same manner.

We have all seen the auto transport semi-trucks that are used to move cars between automotive dealerships, and most of us have had to call upon a tow truck at one time or another. What most people do not realize is that they have other options.

When someone needs to move a broken car to the mechanic’s shop, the towing service is usually the first service provider the individual will consider. Towing companies provide a valuable service to their clients, but given the cost of hooking up a car to the tow truck and moving it across town, an individual will seldom consider a tow truck service to be an economical means of moving a vehicle from one city or state to another.

The Challenges Of Moving Vehicles Without Professional Help

When one needs to move a vehicle several hundred miles, people seek out methods of moving the vehicle that will not require a tow truck service, due to the high cost of transport.

This writer has moved vehicles twice over three hundred miles, once by tow strap and once by car trailer hooked up to a pickup truck.

* Tow Straps Are Only For Short Distances

There is a very good reason why the packaging with a tow strap recommends that it should only be used for short moves. The first twenty miles were okay, and then the decision to move the car on the cheap leads to a nightmare scenario.

Moving down the freeway at 45 mph, with the lead car only twenty feet in front of your own requires absolute attention to everything going on around both vehicles — remember, the back car provides the braking system for both vehicles. The need for absolute attention grows more difficult with every passing mile. When one adds the elements of freeway traffic, rain, cold, and a lack of power or heat in the back vehicle, the job becomes even more difficult.

* Car Trailers Should Not Be Hooked Up To Just Any Pickup Truck

The next time out, we rented a tow-hitch package and a tow trailer to pull behind a pickup truck.

People may be surprised to learn that not all pickup trucks are equipped to haul trailers. A standard pickup truck package is designed to haul a few hundred pounds of materials in its bed, but adding a trailer to the truck is beyond the manufacturer’s original design specifications.

Pickup trucks that are designed for towing trailers generally have a stronger engine, bigger transmission, better cooling systems — including oil coolers, and improved braking systems.

The first 125 miles went well, and then the pickup truck began to overheat, and we were forced to stop every twenty- to thirty-miles to let the truck cool down. Those last 175 miles required us to adhere to a speed limit of only 40 mph, and we still had to sweat every mile wondering if the truck could hold up under the additional weight load. The last 50 miles were the worst, as we slowed the truck to 30 mph to ensure that we were not going to destroy our truck in the move.

When one takes the time to consider what might be required to upgrade their vehicle in order to ensure that it will survive towing another vehicle, the cost of the expensive tow truck becomes even more attractive. Fortunately, the standard tow truck service is not the only option available to consumers.

Moving Home And Family To A New Town

Most people who need to move a vehicle from one destination to another will be doing so because they are actually moving residences and work locations.

When moving across the country, it frequently makes more sense to hire a moving company to handle moving the household goods from one location to another. In addition, many people would prefer to have a similar option open to them for moving their family vehicles.

There are many reasons, beyond its low-cost, for which a family would consider hiring a professional automotive shipping service to help them move their cars and trucks to a new city.

No matter where one might move to in the United States, if that move covers a distance of more than 100 miles, then the distance might include long stretches of barren countryside, perhaps even hills, valleys, curves, and mountains. If one decides to drive to their new home, he or she will have to travel these roads they have never driven before, making the journey more perilous than a trip across town. Within these long stretches of roadway, local traffic mixes into the equation, making the road even more dangerous.

When families land in a new town, they will have to find restaurants and motels to stay the night. Many criminals prey upon people who seem out-of-place in a location. Travelers stand out in a crowd, and this makes them especially susceptible to criminals who target the weak.

Many people find an auto transport company to be an essential element of a safe move from one place to another. For that reason alone, the cost of the auto shipping can be well justified.

Beyond the safety aspect, many automobile owners would not want to add the potential wear-and-tear to their vehicles, in order to get their vehicles to their new home.

Hiring A Private Driver

Some people decide that the most economical way to get a vehicle across country is to hire a local driver to drive the vehicle to the new destination. On the surface, this seems a logical option, but when the risks and costs are considered, the option soon shows itself to be a poor choice.

For this option, an individual must find someone whom they trust to drive their car. The car’s owner must provide this person the keys to the car, money for fuel, hotel rooms and food for the trip, and they must provide them money for the return trip home. The vehicle’s owner must also provide insurance for this individual to drive the vehicle legally.

This nickel-and-dime approach to saving money could very well cost the car owner far more than it would have cost them to hire an auto transport company to move their vehicle(s).

Professional Auto Transport Services Provide A More Economical Solution

Auto transport companies bring a whole new element of safety and protection to the car’s owner. From the time the Bill Of Lading (BOL) is signed at the pickup location to the time the BOL is signed at the destination, the vehicle is usually insured at full-replacement value, depending on the auto transport company. Some companies provide insurance with a deductible; better companies provide insurance on the vehicles they transport with no deductibles.

Depending on the circumstances of available time, the car’s owner can choose to get door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery. Door-to-door is often a better option, but it does require someone to meet the truck driver to sign for the vehicle at both the pick-up and drop-off locations. Of course, door-to-door delivery is sometimes controlled by the circumstances on the ground, which means that pick-up or drop-off might need to be handled down the street at a shopping center parking lot.

It is recommended that vehicles should be operational at the time of transport, but this is not an absolute requirement. Since non-operational vehicles require more physical labor to move and load, there will be additional costs for the transportation of inoperable vehicles.

Most cars are transported in open-air carriers, but it is possible to contract an enclosed auto transport carrier. Enclosed carriers can add additional protection to vehicles, most notably protection from paint damage due to road debris, but they are more expensive to contract. Open-air auto transport trucks can generally carry 8-10 vehicles, compared to the 4-6 vehicles that enclosed auto transport trucks are able to carry. As a result, the use of an enclosed auto shipping truck will result in a much higher cost of transport.

Improved Safety And Reduced Cost Makes Auto Shipping A Good Choice

When one is moving their family 100 miles down the road, the do-it-yourself approach may be the ideal solution for most families. But, when the move is even more distant, auto shipping will prove to be safer for your family and the cost of transport will be much less than any other option available.

Once a family has decided to hire a moving company to move their belongings and an auto transport company to move their vehicles, the family will be able to enjoy their own journey to their new home. Riding on an airplane can be a real treat for the children, and where available, a long, leisurely train ride can provide the family a scenic vacation trip to their new home.

Detailing your Car Wheels

Detailing your Car Wheels

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In order to effectively detail your car, you have to know the categories first. There is the non-painted wheel and the painted one. Both of these wheel categories have one thing in common and that is have a brake dust. There is no way that dust can be an exemption. Even the most expensive car is not exempted from acquiring as much dust as there is.

Brake dust is something that is responsible for coating the outside portion of your wheel and goes to detracting appearance. Sources of brake dust are the part that is close to it which is the brake pads. When these pads wear off, they become the dust that coats the brake. Fear not, for there is a solution to these pesky brake dusts. Special cleaners meant for wheels are very much available in automobile stores which are designed to extract brake dusts and are to be purchased accommodate non-painted and painted wheels.

Not sure about the paint of your wheels? You can take some polish, it should be the lighter one, then put it on the white towel, rub it on the area of your car’s wheel. If you see a black color from your rag, then you have a wheel that is non-painted which means its surface is made of metal. On the other hand, if you have see that your towel has the same color as your wheel, then it must be painted. If you don’t see any black but then again the wheel seems to have a metallic surface, there is a possibility that you have a wheel that’s clear coated. On encountering clear-coated wheels, you can just treat it the way you would treat painted wheels.

In case you have a wheel that is non-painted, you have to determine the kind of material that was used in order to use the appropriate cleaner. The treatment of the surface can make considerable difference which should not be disregarded. If you’re not sure about the requirements of different surfaces, you can consult the manual of factories which supplied your car with its wheels.

It is more advisable that you separate your car’s surface washing from cleaning of your wheel. This will lessen or entirely avoid any kind of scratches because the tires and wheels tend to contain large amounts of dirt particles. If you use the same sponge or mitt, you can transfer the particles coming from the wheels to the surface paint of your car which, in turn, may cause scratches.

You have to keep in mind that wheels are the ones that get all the dirt and are considered as one of the dirtiest places of your car therefore, you have to give a more aggressive cleaning attention. If you clean your wheels in a separate manner, you can use a detergent that has a higher concentration which you should not use on the car’s actual surface because it will cause wax removal.

You have to make sure that all parts of the car are removed from the area to be able to effectively clean all parts. Washing the parts separately will give you a more efficient car detailing job. Be sure that you don’t lose the parts that you have removed to be able to put them back in proper places. And, try to remember the way you removed it in order for you to put it back on properly.