GPS Tracking Software

GPS Tracking Software

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Besides GPS tracking hardware, software also plays a very critical part for GPS applications.
With this fact, it’s no wonder that there is a tremendous amount of companies offering GPS tracking software solutions these days.

In general, these GPS tracking software usually run on Desktop PCs, pocket PCs, Palm PDAs and now also on cell phones. The software that works in GPS receivers is said to be burnt into the internal memory and so you don’t have access to it. Also, the software makes creating and managing waypoints as well as routes a lot easier and even more precise.

On the other hand, it is critically important that you, as GPS tracker user, are aware without hesitation how to create waypoints and routes directly on your GPS receiver. In emergency cases, when you cannot respect your planning, you certainly will not have a desktop personal computer with you to make and manage new waypoints and routes. You must be able to do it in the field with only your GPS receiver.

Now, if you are currently searching for a GPS tracking software for your vehicle, pets or other purposes, I have a few samples of GPS tracking software below:

Car and Vehicle Tracking Software: Shadow Tracker™

Shadow Tracker™ Pro Mapping software was released by ALK for the car and vehicle owners. As claimed, this GPS tracking software incorporates the most current map of North America. Thus, the users are able to purchase quarterly map updates. What’s more, this system features its Track Playback, which animates the daily driven route of your driver so that you can monitor and follow every move. There is also the Idle Time Report feature, which provides you an accurate report detailing when your driver was stopped and has left the engine running on the vehicle.

Wildlife Tracking Software: Animal Movement Extension

The Movement extension is in the first place a collection of more than 40 functions. This was designed to aid the analysis of the animal movement data. According to some reviews, the motivation for the creation of this GPS tracking software was the absence of a collection of tools with real interpretation into a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Satellite Tracking: Nova Software

Here is also the Nova Software of NLSA, another company offering GPS tracking software programs and devices for the GPS customers. The Nova GPS tracking software is said to be ideal for Windows. This is an innovative real time satellite tracking program that features realistic maps, unlimited satellites, observers, views, as well as auto-tracking of antennas. You can use this GPS tracking software continuously for mobile satellite station, and just once for setting main ground station’s location.

Some of the available GPS tracking software packages today enable the user to interact with the tracked unit in a number of ways. Thus, the communication goes both ways so that from a base station, the user can check the status of its target object and send new instructions to it like remote commands if necessary.

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